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Meet Our Team

Name:  Brian Jones
Title: Founder/Owner/CEO
Started Company in: 2003
Hobbies:  Snowboarding
Fun Fact:  I had always dreamed of becoming a naval aviator like my father so I joined the Navy right out of high school.  After failing the vision exam to get into flight school, my parents made me a replica Leg Lamp to cheer me up!  All my buddies on base wanted one as well, so I started making Leg Lamps in my living room!
Favorite Product:  I have a special place in my heart for the Clark Griswold Moose Mug! This was our first Christmas Vacation product, and still my favorite!

Name:  Josh (or is that his real name?)
Title:  Mysterious COO
Started in:  2008
Hobbies:  Anything Halloween or horror movie related!  Is it my passion or my obsession?
Fun Fact:  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.  I have a healthy respect for online privacy, a respect so extreme in fact, that I choose to remain anonymous even on the company bio page. 
Favorite product:  Shhhhh!!! Don't tell... but my favorite product is on our sister site - Click here to find out!


Name:  Jennifer Hoffine
Title:  Executive Assistant & Accounts
Started in:  2009
Hobbies:  Playing with dead things!  Well… actually using found animal bones to make jewelry.  I’m also taking taxidermy classes!
Fun Fact:  My office and heart pay eternal homage to Halloween, but I still squeal like a little girl when I see Santa!
Favorite product:  I love Funko Pop Vinyls!!  Especially Cousin Eddie!!!!  


Name:  Danielle Bailey
Title:  Customer Service Supervisor
Started in:  2012
Hobbies:  I spend most of my time with my babies.  When I say “babies”, I mean my 2 daughters and 2 cats.  I also love to binge-watch my favorite tv-shows and movies. 
Fun Fact:  My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day, since it also doubles as my birthday!
Favorite product:  I love baking but I tend to make a big mess so the Save the Neck for Me Apron is a must have in my kitchen!!!!

Name:  Josh Miller
Title:  Photographer/Videographer
Started in:  2013
Hobbies:  I have won multiple awards in film festivals worldwide.  I also dabble in music production. 
Fun Fact:  I enjoy pina colladas and long walks on the beach.  
Favorite product:  Obviously the Cousin Eddie Dickie Moose Mug Combo!!! I'm the model!!


Name:  Steven Intermill
Title:  Graphic Designer (aka Pixel Pusher)
Started in:  2013
Hobbies:  Constantly trying to break the banjo playing land speed record. 
Fun Fact:  I’ve been training all year for the A Christmas Story Run!!
Favorite product:  I love the absurdity of the Moose Mug Punch Bowl!


Title:  Customer Service Team  (aka Dickerson Fulfillment & Distribution Customer Service)
Hobbies:  Making customers smile on call at a time!  We are always here to assist you with any purchases, questions or if you just wanna talk about how red-headed bullies in raccoon hats are awkward to watch. Oh, those yellow eyes!
Fun Fact:  Yes, the rumors are true, when you call in, we may be wearing a Bunny Suit from Aunt Clara or if we really feel like relaxing, Cousin Eddie's Robe!
Favorite Product:  Our job is to make sure you are getting your “Major Award”, no matter what product it is!

Title:  Fulfillment Team (aka Dickerson Fulfillment & Distribution Fulfillment Team)
Hobbies:  Cardboard Boxes, Packing Tape, FRAGILE stickers!  We love packing orders and ensuring your delivery is perfect!
Fun Fact:  Although we don’t wear costumes like Team Customer Service, we do know how to have a good time!  Christmas carols are often playing in our warehouse to ensure each order is packed as if we were actually Santa’s Elves!  (Or are we? Shhh!)
Favorite Product:  After much debate and consternation we have agreed that the Clark Griswold Tervis Cup is our favorite product!  Keeps our drinks nice and cold on a warm summer day!!


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Dickerson Fulfillment & Distribution, Inc.

Proudly providing order fulfillment and customer service for Christmas Vacation Collectibles.

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